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My Site has been Hacked & has Malware – What Now?

Ensuring that your site remains safe is paramount to us. That’s why, to this day, we have been guarding your sites with Enterprise-level DDoS Protection, daily Malware scans, application firewalls, spam protection, and even WHOIS Privacy.

Site security is still the responsibility of the site owner however, and that is why we strongly recommended several WordPress Security plug-ins.

The Wordfence, Sucuri, and iThemes Security plugins are all recommended by WPX Hosting and these will help to defend your website from potential threats.

These plugins are free and can be easily installed onto your WordPress website via the Plugins tab on your website's WordPress Dashboard.

We have done everything possible from the hosting side to provide maximum security. If there are still serious gaps in your defences, then your site may be left open to attack. Having weak passwords, no Captcha on login page, as well as using pirated plugins will, of course, provide hackers with an entry point into your site.

In the past, if your site became a victim of Malware, there was nothing that could be done. To ensure the safety of other WPX Hosting users and their websites, seriously infected sites would have to be disabled and would need to be fixed by a security service.

Malware removal is not a service that many hosting companies provide, certainly not for free.

Except for us!

WPX Hosting will now provide free Malware Removal if your site is hacked.

Our new Malware Removal service will work alongside our existing daily Malware scanning to help keep any attackers at bay. This is a brand-new service that we have introduced and will not cost you anything extra at all!

WPX Hosting is the only hosting company in the world to provide Malware removal for free, as well as Domain Privacy, and DDoS Protection too! We always want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to customer-focused services and free Malware removal was next on our list.

If you would like to learn more about the security features here at WPX Hosting, you can find answers in the Security section of our Knowledgebase.

If at any point you need security assistance, or believe your site may be infected, please raise a support ticket with us here:
and we'll answer asap!


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